Mind your MIND

‘Mindfulness has a heap of benefits; it can help ease anxiety, improve your mood and boost mentalresilience’

When it comes to personality types, cool, calm and collected isn’t quite my style. I freely admit to being a worrywart from way back, and unless I’m on a beach with a cocktail in hand, it’s safe to say ‘chilling out’ isn’t my forte.

In a bid to stop being a frequent flyer on the stress express, I signed myself up to a beginners’ course in mindfulness and meditation, and judging by the number of bums on seats in my first class, I’m not the only

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Cook’s CHAT
I’d like to paint a picture of a scene I witnessed about 50 years ago, which left a big imprint on me. Visiting my elderly neighbour Mrs Eden was always a treat, and on this particular day she was making shortbread with her four-year-old great grandd
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➽ Choose the right jar for the job. For example, jars with a small opening and narrow neck are ideal for fruits in syrups, while widemouthed, straight-sided jars are good for chunky preserves. ➽ Run all the jars, lids and tools through the dishwasher
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GRANDMA’S Scone Tips
• Aim for a soft, sticky dough that just holds its shape when turned out of the bowl. • Handle dough lightly, flattening it gently with lightly floured hands to about 2cm in depth all over, pressing from the centre outwards. • Use a sharp metal cutte