ith “touching listening,” anthropologist Roshanak Kheshti describes sound as “experienced (felt) by the whole body intertwining what is heard by the ears with what is felt on the flesh, tasted on

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Lu Yang
From 3D simulations of neurosurgical procedures to video-game avatars for gods of pain, Lu Yang’s eye-searing, pop-culture-inflected multimedia projects are products of the artist’s longstanding research into the nexus of the material and the metaphy
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Material Metaphors
The West has long exoticized Asian women, imposing on us the role of a meek, subservient “other.” This fabricated image relegates us as commodities and status symbols up for grabs, much like coveted fine Chinese ceramics. Rooted in Anne Anlin Cheng’s
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Chen Zhen Short-circuits
The late conceptual artist Chen Zhen described the moment of artistic creation as a “short-circuit” generated by presenting commonplace objects in unexpected combinations and contexts. Named for this idea, the artist’s recent retrospective, curated b