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The Final Gift

Your wonderful article, “The Final Gift” in the Oct/Nov 2018 issue, revived old memories for me. Twenty years ago, I had just finished my first woodworking class and learned how to make a box with flush-corner dado and rabbet joints. It was an ugly small poplar box, but my first real joinery. Shortly after, my mother died. I held her paper-wrapped ashes in

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A Revolutionary chair
There is no denying that Thomas Jefferson was one of the most skilled statesman and politicians in American history. The country’s first secretary of state and third president, he was also a keen student of gardening, architecture, and mechanical dev
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Excellent Hex Keys
New tools typically come with a few hex keys required for assembly and adjustment. If you collected and organized those Allen wrenches, you could probably get by without a dedicated set in your shop. The problem is that those cheap versions often str