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“No matter how much we try to run away from the thirst for the answer to life, the intensity only gets stronger and stronger.”Ravi Zacharias (born

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Asian Tribes
ESTIMATED 370 to 500 million indigenous people living in the world REPRESENTS 5,000 different cultures SPREAD ACROSS 90 countries across all geographic regions Many indigenous languages are under threat – it is estimated that one dies every two
ASIAN Geographic3 min gelesenChemistry
Charcoal: A Healing Wonder from the Ashes
The story of charcoal cannot be nailed down to any civilisation, continent or century. A myriad tales, however, point to several firsts of this carbonaceous material in man’s voluminous history book. It probably began when the cold north wind swept a
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Of Eagles and Mountains: The Kazakhs of Mongolia
Down in the deep south of Russia, past Novosibirsk into the valleys of the Altai ranges is the tiny village of Kurai. With only one general store, this village serves the trickle of travellers journeying overland towards the western border of Mongoli