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Behold, a gooey wedge of chocolate cake! When you visually take note of the texture, colour and shape, all of a sudden you want it, even if you weren’t craving cake before.


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Q ‘I love a traditional French fruit tart, but I find that the fruit can sink to the bottom. Any tips to prevent this from happening?’ Sunken fruit is a frustrating conundrum, but I’m happy to share chef extraordinaire Julia Child’s clever trick wi
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Carri-anne Jane Wow Acting Editor
Q ‘Why is the mileage so important when buying a pre-loved car?’ 1 Mileage indicates the previous life of a car. Take mileage divided by age in years and if it’s more than 25 000km per year it’s worked hard. Check that all services have been carried
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SELFISHNESS CAN BE A GOOD THING, Chrissy Metz has discovered lately. ‘I am always putting other people first, to my own detriment,’ she says. With the mantra ‘What’s in it for Chrissy?’ cemented in her mind, the 39-year-old is ready to channel her ne