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The sober revolution

‘much like Twitter when it first arrived, I thought an alcohol-free G&T was the dumbest thing I had ever heard of. Now I can’t get enough of either,’ says 27-year-old Modupe Oloruntoba, who’s clocked more than 70K tweets since she joined in July 2010. But the fashion writer doesn’t exactly knock back her drinks at the same pace.

There are numerous reasons why, such as being raised in a ‘strict but loving Nigerian Pentecostal household, as well as fear and anger about things that [have] happened to women when they drink in the presence of men.’

She’s had the odd glass here and there because of curiosity and pressure (which is why a lot of people start and continue drinking), but she’s put the bottle down now entirely because she simply doesn’t want to drink. ‘I believe I put more into –

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