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Sarah Langa @sarahlanga Best Style Influencer

arah is no ordinary blogger. She has a vested interest in her academics and entrepreneurship – she’s the founder and director of SLM Investment Group and owner of the online store Luvant. Her style is influenced by the fashion in South Africa, Milan and New York.

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Eco nuggets Of Knowledge
Wangari Maathai’s autobiography Unbowed – Oladosu Adenike recommends anything written by her. The movie 2040 will be released in South Africa later this year. Directed by an Australian film-maker, it looks at the solutions available to us and what we
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Drama with the squad is your theme RN – so sorry, babes! It might be time to ditch the pals who are dragging you down and find some new ride-or-dies. Big changes are coming at work, kitty cat, and there’s no time for fun hangs. You have to keep up w
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Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
1 Eat less meat and aim to always buy local 2 Walk or cycle to work, and think twice before you fly 3 Embrace vintage and secondhand fashion and decor 4 Don’t use single-use plastic (for example, straws and disposable coffee cups) 5 Consider clim