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From Wellington brothers Leonardo and Lorenzo Bresolin, who gave the capital city Scopa and The Bresolin, 1154 Pastaria is

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Modern Magic
In Auckland’s St Heliers, this renovation project by Rogan Nash Architects involved the demolition of a “disastrous 90s extension” appended to a 60s-style home. Kate Rogan and Eva Nash were tasked with “creating a wonderful home for entertaining that
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My Favourite Building
“This is a significant institutional building by Sean Godsell Architects, a small Melbourne practice known for their highly controlled residential work, which makes this quite an achievement. The purpose of the building is to support design research
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Design Notebook
How did you address the focus to the bush, while not completely turning your back on the sea? Tom was always adamant that the bush was the most important aspect, but I said if I don’t give you beautiful windows to the sea you are going to sue me. In