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What’s your vision? To be able to make the social, ethical and environmental changes the industry needs, but from within. We [The Pattern Table] first need to establish the work we currently do, with strong relationships and trust. From there, my plan is to change industry standards.

We offer a complete service: consultation, patterning, cutting, sampling, attachments, pricing and production. We

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Handle With Care
KNITWEAR DEANNA DIDOVICH, CREATIVE DIRECTOR OF RUBY WASHING WELL “Always read the care instructions. Generally speaking, make sure you have a good-quality, gentle wool detergent (we love Cable Melbourne’s wool wash), wash by hand in cold water, insid
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Fiji’s high-end offering continues to grow, with its numerous private islands embodying the concept of ‘barefoot luxury’. Relaxed, no-fuss indulgence is the mood at the Kokomo Private Island resort (pictured), where guests arrive via seaplane to whit
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Dana Thomas
What should you wear? We’ve all wondered it at one time or another – typically as the seconds slip away and you need to get out the door for a big day at work, or when an invite leaves you standing in front of your wardrobe wishing a perfect new outf