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It’s a wonderful practice for boosting your sense of calm

Meditation can mean so many different things – focusing on your breathing, doing a gentle body scan of all the physical sensations, listening to a guided

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A Guide To Do Yoga Nidra At Home
1 Find a quiet space to practise where you won’t be disturbed. Make sure your phone is on silent. If you live with people, let them know you’re about to practise so you’re not interrupted. 2 Wear comfortable clothing and nothing that restricts your
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Heart Disease
Do you often feel fatigued by everyday activities such as shopping, cleaning or climbing stairs? When the heart is less able to pump blood to all of the body’s tissues, it conserves resources by diverting blood from the limbs and instead sending it t
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Don’t Get Sick This Season. Remember To
Clean: Wash hands, chopping boards, utensils and surfaces before and after preparing raw meat. Cook: Cook meat and poultry thoroughly, until juices run clear. Chill: Cover, store separately and chill in the fridge. If in doubt chuck it out. Fol