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Being active does wonders for our health and boosts our energy so we can fit more into our day. Alarmingly, statistics reveal that almost half of New Zealanders aren’t managing to meet the guidelines of 30 minutes daily physical activity. Find out why you need to get fit and stay fit, and how post-workout rest and recovery are vital for a long and fulfilling life.


If there’s an all-round health booster, it’s regular exercise. Keep active and you’re likely to live longer, have stronger bones and muscles, and feel happier.


Here are just a few of the mind and body benefits of moving your body more often:

LESS STRESS. Feel-good hormones called endorphins, which are released when we exert energy, are what get us up and moving but there’s a flow-on effect. Endorphins also trigger feelings of positivity and reduce stress and tension.

HEALTHY HEART. Regular exercise improves factors linked to cardiovascular health, resulting in lower blood pressure, healthier cholesterol levels, and better blood sugar regulation. Health scientists have described exercise as an insurance policy for the short- and long-term protection of your heart.

BETTER SLEEP. Researchers at John Hopkins University point to exercise as a way to help you fall asleep more quickly and to improve sleep quality. The effects of aerobic exercise on sleep have been shown to be similar to those of sleeping pills.

CLEARER MIND. A study programme of 24 weeks of moderate aerobic exercise improved cognitive function, including concentration, in

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