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YOUR WORKOUT doesn’t end when you change out of your sweaty gym clothes. In fact, the sooner you start the recovery process, the harder you can hit it again the next day. And a few

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Your Body Slam Fat Zones
WORKS: Core, Thighs ● Stand with a barbell across your shoulder blades, chains hanging from both ends. ● Place your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart ( A) . ● Slowly lower into a squat until your thighs are slightly past parallel to t
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Fuel For Thought
The KIA Seltos range hardly seemed incomplete but this is not a brand known to rest on its laurels so nearly a year after launch, KIA has added a diesel engine to the range – the Seltos CRDi is born. The new model pumps up the range from an initial f
Muscle & Fitness Hers South Africa1 min gelesen
Shoulder Pain Diagnosis
Coming in gradually over time but goes away with warmup; felt on outside or front of shoulder, spreading down to elbow; felt at night, especially when lying on affected shoulder; getting worse when raising arms or lifting overhead; felt during heavy