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Deficit wider than planned

he fiscal deficit for 2019 will be much larger than expected due to the decline in revenues and the contraction in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), said the Ministry of Finance. Revenues in the fourth quarter of this year will be 40 percent below the LL5,000 billion ($3.3 billion) projected in the budget, it said. Projected revenues for the 2020 draft budget will be revised and consequently all budget figures will be modified. The government was aiming to reduce the deficit-to-GDP

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Recession Started In 2018 Inflation Rose To 5.5 Percent
The economy registered negative growth of almost two percent in 2018 according to newly released figures by the Central Administration of Statistics (CAS). The National Accounts report for that year shows that it was the first time ever, since the en
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Animal Farm
Several new examples of companies raising live animals have emerged as feasible models to be adopted by farmers. Researchers and investors have opted to develop the techniques used in rearing certain types of animals, such as aquaculture, beekeeping,
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Dairy Products
UNIDO is working on a project, funded by the Italian government, to support the dairy sector and beekeepers across the country. UNIDO assessed the products’ market and the current challenges faced by dairy farmers and processors, and beekeepers worki