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usinesses, as well as ordinary citizens, are resorting to ingenious and often intricate ways to bypass the de facto capital controls preventing them from using their own funds deposited in bank accounts. Deals are performed at a premium, currently ranging between 20 and 30 percent. They could be concluded peer-to-peer, if the two parties to the potential transaction enjoy mutual trust ensured either by a previous friendship or a mutual friend with solid bona fides. These convoluted transactions are sometimes carried out through intermediaries who identify two unacquainted parties, and ensure that the exchange is successfully completed. These go-betweens have sharp business acumen and the ability to spot the complementary needs of two parties in a potential deal. The premium is split between the party offering a service and the middleman. The deals aim

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Supply Is Limited
Demand in the automobile market has changed. High end automobiles are currently in demand. Clients consider luxury cars as useful products and are willing to spend their money. Supply is limited to the stock that is available at the showrooms and eac
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Better Go With Preferred Shares And Solidere
Few local options are open to investors amid the de facto capital controls, the currency depreciation, and the risks looming over the banking sector and government bonds. Many investors are looking for physical assets to preserve the value of their w
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Banks Facing Storms
Deposits in a free fall mainly in fourth quarter Lending rate cuts follow Central Bank’s interest cap Three banks downgraded on rising sovereign risk The banking sector continues to reel under the current challenges. Deposits plunged by $12 billion d