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he World Bank, in collaboration with the Ministry of Economy and Trade, has analyzed the value chain of potato cultivation and processing to assess its potential for inclusive job creation in the North. The World

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Following a three-month wait from the start of the protests, a new Cabinet has been formed of non-independent members, most of whom are not specialists in the ministerial portfolios they have been entrusted with. Some of the political parties, kicked
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The Central Bank (BDL) has issued a circular that allows real-time online transfers between customers in two different banks. The banks’ customers can use their payment cards or bank accounts to perform the transfer operations. Each customer can send
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Renaissance For Native Grapes
Some of the country’s oldest and most established wineries are re-exploring the qualities of indigenous grapes. The benefits are clear, and varieties like obeidi and merwah are proving pest resistant and bountiful, and are appreciated by wine tasters