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xpertise France and Fair Trade Lebanon (FTL) analyzed the value chain of local tomatoes. The goal of the EU-funded project was to increase the competitiveness of local vegetables from farm to table. It analyzed the weaknesses and strengths of tomato

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Precious Wearables
Local watch and jewelry businesses have observed a notable demand in the sector. The demand is mainly for high end watches, precious stones and gold bullion. Customers are transforming their cash money, or money deposited in bank accounts, into valua
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Money Heisted
Businesses, as well as ordinary citizens, are resorting to ingenious and often intricate ways to bypass the de facto capital controls preventing them from using their own funds deposited in bank accounts. Deals are performed at a premium, currently r
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Planting The Seeds Of Technology
The agri-tech sector is a new introduction to the local market. It is a promising industry as it combines two features that have the potential to create a competitive advantage for Lebanon, namely the culinary arts and technical innovation. Berytech,