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Several crops have recently been trialed by research centers and farmers, and have proved their ability to adapt and succeed. There is significant potential in these crops, mainly because most of them are rain fed. “Scarcity of water is increasingly becoming a hindrance for farmers. Farmers should look for alternative agricultures that are anti-drought,” said Mustapha Haidar, Professor at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences at the American University of Beirut (AUB). These crops are also in demand globally, and are maintaining very fair prices. As result it is feasible to cultivate them commercially on a large scale.


took the initiative to grow saffron a few years ago. She established

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• Lift capital controls (It won’t break the banks)• No haircut• Unify exchange rate• Balance the budget (it is possible!)• Restructure debt• 250 measures to grow the economy• Support fund for the poor• Privatize everything In the Nov-Dec issue of Leb
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