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Commotion at exchange counters

oreign exchange (forex) dealers noticed a sudden rise in demand for the US dollar nearly three months ago. It all started when banks stopped meeting the market’s demand for dollars at the same level they had done so in the past, said Deputy Chairman of the Syndicate of Money Changers. This is mainly affecting importers of fuel, pharmaceutical products, and foodstuffs, who often sell their products in lira while they pay for their imports in foreign currencies, he said. The rush to buy dollars at forex counters led to a rise in the exchange value of the greenback, although the banks continued to quote the official price

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Fine Arts Victim And Rescuer
The Port Explosion rocked the foundations of the fine arts community. The neighborhoods hit worst by the blast were home to the largest concentration of art galleries and cultural institutions. More than 38 galleries, art venues, and museums were wit
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One Third Of Street-level Firms To Be Reopened By Year-end
Around 70 retail outlets and businesses that took a heavy toll from the Port Explosion are back in business. More than 40 others are busy restoring their premises and are planning to resume their commercial activities in the next few weeks. They repr