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itizens will be able to get a printed extract from their civil status documentation (ikhraj kayd) from anywhere in Lebanon within three to four months. The regional civil status departments will be connected to the central office through the broadband Internet network or through wireless where broadband is not available. Citizens will no longer have to go to the caza where they were born to get their civil status extracts. The documents will be

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Lebanon Opportunities7 min gelesen
We Are The Champions
A provider of logistics and freight services resumed operations the second day of the Port Explosion from makeshift tents – right at Ground Zero. In Gemmayzeh, a cocktail and juice shop reopened its doors, even before repairing its shattered façade.
Lebanon Opportunities8 min gelesenPoverty & Homelessness
InfoPro Research has estimated that subsidies by the State and the Central Bank (BDL) are consumed mostly by the non-poor, when measured in terms of money value. According to a study it has undertaken, the poor’s share is under 25 percent of the tota
Lebanon Opportunities5 min gelesenFinance & Money Management
Controversy Surrounds Repaying Dollar Loans In Lira
The Central Bank (BDL) has required banks and financial institutions to accept the repayment of retail foreign currency loans in lira at the official exchange rate of LL1,507.5. The move is part of BDL’s efforts to ensure monetary stability and prote