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International brands are coming for more

Investors and agents are spotting large potential for new international brands in the local market. Global companies are eager to enter the country. There is still room to introduce more international brands.


Tens of new brands have entered the market in recent years, including cars, furniture, and hotel management chains. “There is always room for bringing new international brands to the market, and local consumers pay a lot of attention to it,” said Vice Chairman of the Beirut Traders Association. The open trade policy and fair competition have contributed in attracting a wide variety of brands. The country has always been a shopping hub for tourists and expatriates. “Expatriates and tourists are exposed to the new brands globally, and ask about them when in the country,” Tannir said. The automobile sector has seen the entrance of some new high-end car brands such as McLaren, as well as affordable cars such as Changan, FAW, and Soueast. Some international furniture brands have also recently come to the market such as Bonaldo, Alf DaFre, and Milano Home Concept (MHC). “International companies are keen to enter the market,” said , Chairman of Furniture Line. In addition, some international management chains have entered the market, such as Kempinski and Minor Hotels.

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