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Getting dressy Fresh statements in formal shirts

Through its pattern and color a formal shirt gives a personalized look to standard business attire. This summer, stripes and checks appeared in the showrooms. A variety of blue tones are the leading choice for dress shirts this season. Cotton is the leading fabric and the cuts differ according to the wearer’s build.


A men’s dress shirt is a button-up shirt with a collar and long sleeves. It is designed to carry a jacket and tie. It can be worn without one or the other or with neither. Slim fit shirts are, COO at Francesco Fiordelli. “The regular fit shirts are still offered by designers as a classical choice, but are the least demanded” said , Partner and Managing Director at Gillioni. The cut of the shirt’s back affects its fit. There are three common backs for dress shirts, the first two are defined by the type and positioning of their pleat, while the third is defined by the absence of a pleat. Shirts with a single large double pleat found on the center of the back are the most common. The double pleat located on the shoulder blades is less common and in less demand, according to Keyrouz. “These pleats have a purely functional role,” said Hawilo. The design and purpose of these pleats is to help the shirt conform to as many men’s figures as possible. Shirts with no pleats at all are the bestsellers, according to Keyrouz.

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We Are The Champions
A provider of logistics and freight services resumed operations the second day of the Port Explosion from makeshift tents – right at Ground Zero. In Gemmayzeh, a cocktail and juice shop reopened its doors, even before repairing its shattered façade.
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InfoPro Research has estimated that subsidies by the State and the Central Bank (BDL) are consumed mostly by the non-poor, when measured in terms of money value. According to a study it has undertaken, the poor’s share is under 25 percent of the tota
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Missing The Target
| Banks gave to the least needy Central Bank interest-free loans | Approval: 10 percent for rescheduling, 8 percent of applicants | 25 percent of BDL funds went to new loans for salaries and opex Figures published by the Central Bank (BDL) confirmed