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Action cameras

Taking photographs and recording the action requires a camera which joins the practicality of mobile phone cameras and the features of full frame cameras. There is a large amount of choice in the market. Manufacturers are updating their specifications to provide a connected and easily controlled camera for use in different circumstances. Special applications, compatibility, voice control and high quality image stabilization are the main features, ensuring vivid footage of life’s adventurous scenes.


Action cameras are small cameras that record pictures and videos in different, challenging situations. Their use is related to outdoor activities. “GoPro is the first that comes to the mind when we talk about action cameras,” Said , Category Manager at Khoury Home. GoPro has recently launched the Hero 7 which brings a, General Manager at Kintaro, distributors of Sony. Garmin action cameras are available in two models, VIRB and VIRB 360. The first model records 1080p videos. The VIRB 360 is a waterproof 360-degree camera of 5.7K resolution. Nikon, a key player in the digital singlelens reflex (DSLR) camera market, is offering its Keymission 360 camera. The 4K model provides for spherical shooting. Polaroid is also an option. It is a cubic action camera that records 1080p video. Action camera price ranges from $150 (GoPro Hero 4) to $800 (Garmin VIRP 360).

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