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High hopes, a poor track record

The Cabinet has approved an austere draft budget for 2019 with total expenditure projected at $17 billion. The drastic measures taken to cut spending and boost revenues aim to reduce the deficit-to-GDP ratio to 7.6 percent from the 11.2 percent of GDP realized in 2018. The Cabinet’s approval of the draft budget, which still needs Parliament’s ratification, sent a positive signal to the capital market that resulted an improvement of the prices of the country’s sovereign bonds.


Cutting the fiscal deficit to 7.6 percent of GDP is in line with the government’s commitment at the CEDRE donor conference to lower it by one percent on an

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Mixed Impact On Smuggling
The Caesar Act will have mixed effects on ongoing smuggling between Lebanon and Syria. On the one hand, it encourages contraband activities as restrictions on official trade become stringent. On the other hand, the inability of the Lebanese governmen
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Picking Up The Pieces
The Port Explosion has resulted in a preliminary estimate of $8 billion in direct damages. The losses become more substancial when factoring in the indirect impact, the opportunity cost, and the multiplier effect of the demise of many businesses. Min
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