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Stepping into the summer

Traditional styles of shoes are making a comeback, but classic ones are here to stay. The Oxford keeps its place as the smart shoe of choice, along with the Derby. Loafers continue to be a summer mainstay. Shoes with tassels and buckles are back. Black and brown colors are staples while summer colors have arrived at the showrooms. Leather and suede are the most common materials. Designers continue to develop comfort in parallel with aesthetic appeal.


Oxfords and Derbys are the classic formal lace-up shoes. The shoes facing is sewn under the vamp in the Oxford. Whole cut, Store Manager at J.M.Weston, a French Shoe brand. The upper cut of the Oxford is a single piece of leather. The simplicity of this style gives elegance and a sleeker appearance, according to Osta. Derbies have open laces. The facing is open at the bottom. This makes the Derby more versatile. Derbies offered by Burberry, Prada, and Canali can be teamed with a suit, jeans or chinos. Brioni and Atestoni offer different types of brogue shoes. This style is characterized by its perforations and comes in many types according to where the perforations are found on the body of the shoe. “This style is business appropriate,” said , Store Manager at Moustache Group.

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