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Electric cars The sale begins

Automakers are directing their efforts towards their electric vehicle (EV) lines. They are increasing the number of eco-friendly vehicles with sophisticated designs and innovative technical specifications. This year, many dealers have timed the appearance of EVs in the market to appear as the related infrastructure is completed.


Parliament has amended customs charges and tariffs on eco-friendly cars. The law exempted EVs from Customs and excise fees and decreased fees for hybrid cars to 20 percent. Public transportation vehicles benefit from additional fee exemptions. The step comes as part of Lebanon’s commitment to reduce CO2 emissions. This has encouraged dealers to become involved in the EV market.


Chevrolet was the first to launch a new EV this year with the Bolt EV crossover., Sales Manager at Saad and Trad, importer of the brand. Porsche will present its Taycan EV next year. The brand plans to have an SUV version of the new vehicle. Mercedes-Benz EVs might arrive next year. Polestar, the Volvo sub-brand, offered only six units of the pure electric S90 Coupe to the local market, according to , Sales and Marketing Manager at GAA, the Volvo dealer. Volvo will offer electric versions of its top level automobiles in 2020, according to , COO at GAA. Chinese brands also have electric vehicles: BYD has the YUAN, an SUV, and offers electric buses for preorder. GAC Motor has started offering the Trumpchi GE3.

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