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The move for digital disruption

Local e-commerce platforms are growing and are an appealing investment. Investors are allocating large budgets to disrupt the market and shift consumer behavior towards online purchases. They are preparing large digital marketing campaigns to generate and retain clients. Investments in e-commerce platforms require at least five years to be returned.


Investors are spotting large potential in e-commerce platforms, considering it the best time to invest because demand on local platforms is set to triple in one year, according to , CEO of Hicart. “It is the era of online channeling, and if investors don’t jump into this, they will lose massive opportunities,” he said. The growth of e-commerce has been driven by a variety of factors besides Internet penetration, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. “E-commerce is providing a new customer experience in, Founder of Lebelik, an online platform offering locally-made products and accessories. The increase in payment card penetration and solutions that are facilitating online payment are contributing to the growth of e-commerce, according to , Chief Commercial Officer at Areeba, a payment solution provider. “There is room for additional growth in card penetration, especially outside the capital, and this will drive the growth in e-commerce,” he said.

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