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EXPOSED The Enemy’s Plan to Brainwash Christians

In this day that we’re living in—the very end of the last days—people’s minds are being inundated with false information and a celebration of various forms of immorality, including a deluge of false propaganda about human sexuality. This is a last-days attack of seducing spirits bent on modifying the collective mind of society and creating a way of thinking that is free of moral restraint.This modification process is spreading its tentacles into every sector of society. Even people who grew up in church are now becoming affected and changed in how they view issues that should be set in stone in their lives.

How did this happen?

It is the result of an unrelenting mental bombardment by wrong people, wrong sources, wrong information, and wrong spiritual influences.

It’s all part of a demonic strategy that is being waged against the human race (including believers) to adversely affect their thinking, damage them mentally, and distort their minds until they can no longer see what is wrong about wrong. Ultimately, this process results in people choosing sides that are opposed to those who adhere to long-held Biblical truths.

Society’s collective mind

As a result of the collective mind of society being mentally modified — that is, becoming ill-affected and sin-damaged — society will eventually end up – Romans 1:28. The wordssimply mean they will do things that are not morally right or fitting.

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