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There is no one else in the world like you, and therefore God’s plan for you is unique and personal – just for you!

As Saul made his way on the road to Damascus, he had one purpose in mind. He wanted to stop this ‘mushrooming’ sect that had been spawned by Jesus of Nazareth.The purity of the Jewish religion was at stake. He was determined to wipe it out and put a stop to it. He was on a murderous rampage. But all this came to a sudden halt when he came face to face with the great transformer. He encountered the real Jesus. His world was turned upside down and soon he was saying, “What will you have me do Lord?” God had a definite plan and purpose for his life. He has a plan and purpose for every one of His children. God is a God of order and method. From the smallest atom to the largest planet, God is in the details. There is nothing too small or too big for God.

When we look through

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Fact File:
Married to Miriam for 25 years • They have 4 children: Ariel (23), Maayan (21), Elad (15) , Eilon (7) • Amir has been a believer for 30 years • His favourite Scripture is: Exodus 33:13, “If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I
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Midgey's Moments
A happy and blessed New Year to you all! I expect that many of you will be wondering what 2021 will be like after 2020? My Arnie (Aunty Trish) told me that there are many encouraging and inspiring verses in the Bible for a new year, or new beginning
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Dear readers, we love to hear your thoughts on the stories that we publish, what is going on around the world, and what the Lord has placed on your heart! Email your letter through to for a chance to be featured – please try to ke