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In this series, I want to teach you how to have great faith. These are principles I have learnt and applied in my life. It has taken me from one miracle to the next and I know you too will see God do mighty things in your life. Many struggle with the concept of faith, yet it is not as complex as some would want us to believe. “And since we have the same spirit of faith, according to – 2 Cor 4:13

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About The Programme
While serving as a missionary in Senegal, the programme author, Paul Bramsen, saw the opportunity to build a bridge between the Old Testament prophets and the coming of Jesus Christ. He developed 100 radio programmes, 15 minutes each, that take the l
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Pooch Parables
Ican’t claim to have tasted dog food, but I suspect that it is a little bland because whenever Sandy gets a taste of my cooking, which is well salted, or I slip her a piece of biltong, she gobbles it up. I have also noticed that when I return from an
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Test Your Bible knowledge BIBLICAL JOURNEYS
See how many of these you can fill in before checking the answers on page 69. After you test yourself, try reading the questions aloud to a friend or family member and see how they do! 1. Where in Galilee did the wedding take place at which Jesus