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What’s Your ‘Why’?

I WAS RAISED TO BELIEVE I could do anything and be anything my mind could imagine. There were no boundaries in my parents’ eyes – and therefore my eyes – so I grew up believing this without question; but also without arrogance.

It came as a startling surprise, therefore, when I began to realise that the world didn’t have the same faith in me;

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Lace-Up, Lean In, Let’s Go.
AND JUST LIKE THAT, we found ourselves in July. Okay, ‘just like that’ might just be the biggest euphemism of the decade, but here we are – we’ve made it to the 2020 halfway mark. Admittedly it’s been an arduous journey; and while it isn’t quite over
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The ‘Forever’ Rules
Just As A Refresher, Or For Anyone New To Running, Here Are The Forever Rules Of Running – Always Relevant. 01/ No spitting or snot balling on busy roads and pavements. 02/ Remain polite. (Even in a time of global terror and panic. If we can’t smi
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Lockdown Legends
WHEN ELISHA NOCHOMOVITZ got the news that the Barcelona Marathon (for which he was entered) was cancelled, he decided to run a marathon on his seven-metre-long Toulouse balcony, with just enough width to make the 6 000 turns he would have to execute