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Game ranchers love nature and are conservationists at heart – that is why they choose the lifestyle. What the 3 500 odd game ranchers in South Africa have over the past few decades achieved is to take 20 million ha of marginal, often degraded agricultural land and improved the broader biodiversity in this huge area (20% of South African agricultural land) through introducing and increasing the numbers of indigenous game species with the consequential improved sustainability of the land, diversity and health of all plants and animals found there.

All game ranchers, game ranches and game animals on this agricultural land were supposedly administratively controlled by .

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In Transition
The listing of 45 popular wildlife species in the regulations of the Animal Improvement Act (AIA) in May 2019, was met with shock and indignation by conservation NGOs and hunting organisations in South Africa. For most game ranchers, however, this st
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The Future Of This Magazine
Firstly, congratulations to MLP Media, the editorial and publishing team of the KRUGER MAGAZINE , for recently receiving SANParks’ prestigious award – the Kudu Award for Media Contribution to Conservation and Eco-Tourism! As all and sundry have alre
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One Diet ‘Doesn’t Fit All’ Herbivore Gut Types Explained – Part 6
Dr Ellen Dierenfeld is a comparative animal nutritionist with more than 30 years’ experience with a variety of species. She’s led Wildlife Nutrition Departments for the Wildlife Conservation Society (based at the Bronx Zoo) and St. Louis Zoo, oversaw