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“All of the small antelope discussed in this article are either browsers or intermediates, bar the oribi who is a highly selective grazer.”

The group of antelope the article focuses on is the tiny antelope, species ranging from 0 and 25kg in weight, comprised of the duiker family, grysbok family, grey rhebok, klipspringer, suni, oribi, dik-dik and steenbok.

When considering feeding, it is important that we know what food source each species selects in their original environment (the wild), and how the animals process and digest the food. Comparatively we can use the nutrient specifications of the natural food selected to formulate feeds suitable for each specie (see Table 1 on page 69).

All of the small antelope discussed in this article are either browsers or intermediates, bar the oribi, which is a highly selective grazer. Intermediate feeders like the


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