Rogue cells

remember graduating from university. The race with all the other freshly qualified students to gain a graduate position with a top leading FMCG firm was on. The type of firm that had big TV advertising budgets, modern four Ps marketing and golden handcuffs to boot. The type at which people wanted to spend their entire marketing career, under the security of their corporate blanket. These positions were difficult to come by, as it was believed that only firms like this could nurture great careers. I used to believe that great careers could only be built in a great company. That was until I realised that people have

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Editor note 's
Another year underway, another year of trying to burrow into the minds of our customers and our target markets. Nothing endures for long but it’s a case of the more things change, the more they stay the same. Driving behaviour and prompting interest,
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2010-2019: Consumer Lessons From The Decade That Was
There’s no better time to examine the past and future than when crossing the threshold of a new year and decade. During this time of thoughtful retrospection, it’s easy to exaggerate how dramatically the world has changed, thanks to cognitive bias. B
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The Inertia Trap
No,” says Adam Ferrier, chief thinker at Thinkerbell, “I disagree with the premise”. Upon asking the question – ‘is marketing an inherently risky practice?’ – to marketers on both the agency and brand side, it became clear that every one had a differ