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Today, many children and young adults are sporting an insulin pump, which automatically measures your BGLs, transmitting details to a smartphone or portable reader. As this technology takes readings of BGLs at all hours of the day for up to two weeks without the need to take finger-pricks, researchers from England’s University of East Anglia found those with memory problems (such as dementia and Alzheimer’s) could benefit from these monitors. As the elderly, especially those with memory problems, are more prone to forgetting to check their levels, or forget what to do to bring them up/down, the research, published in the journal BMJ Open, suggests monitors should be more widely available to people of all ages.


Researchers at the University of Guelph in Canada have recently found a compound that may prevent the development of type 2 in mice. This compound, called avocatin B or AvoB, is found only in avocados. During this study, mice were fed a high-fat diet – designed to promote insulin

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Plan Your Week, it’s Easy!
Red meat – such as beef, pork, veal and lamb – is well known for being a “protein-rich” food, providing your body with energy and amino acid “building blocks” that your body uses to build and repair muscles and bones, and to make hormones and enzymes
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7-day Summer Diet Plan
Our new Healthy Diet Plan is packed with healthy fats, lean protein and low GI carbs, as well as a rainbow of healthy vegetables and fruits, while minimising processed products and added salt. If you follow this plan, you can expect to cut back on ad
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The Plan
STRENGTH TRAINING Strength workouts are important for distance training because they shore up weaknesses and help your muscles avoid fatigue. You’ll alternate between two circuits: Circuit A is an injury-prevention routine created for this program (f