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A new funding initiative at the Type 1 Diabetes Family Centre in Stirling, WA, has been designed to support young adults (aged 18-25) living with type 1 as they transition from paediatric care to diabetes clinics in adult hospitals.

“We want young adults to have access to diabetes education and dietetics services which are responsive to their specific needs, and delivered in a positive, inspiring environment,” says Bec Johnson, CEO of the family centre.

This program offers young adults four private appointments with diabetes educators at the family centre, for only a fraction of the cost, alongside BGL tests, and 24 /7 support. For more information, visit type1familycentre.org.au.


Researchers have found dragonfruit to have a valuable effect on diabetic rats. The study’s results, published in the journal suggests regular consumption of dragonfruit could reduce common issues linked to diabetes. It can

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