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t has long been said that gardens can heal the soul and replenish our jaded or dulled spirits. For years we have been coming together in one form or another to cultivate soil, produce food and experience a social connection. The term “therapeutic landscapes”

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Coastal Chic
With its East Coast vibe, fresh colour palette and enticing pool, this garden fits hand in glove with its location on Sydney’s Northern Beaches and the contemporary, clean-lined house it embraces. Created for a young family who wanted to maximise the
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Place Of Escape
In the hands of the right designer, a steeply sloping backyard isn’t a problem — it’s an opportunity to create something unique and bespoke. Here, Nick McCarthy, Head Designer and Director of Urban Escape Landscaping & Pools, has taken a once unloved
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Seal And Protect
With the right treatment, it’s easy to keep even the most porous natural stone and paving, as well as tile and brick, looking great for many years. Treating a porous surface with the right impregnating sealer also makes cleaning easier. Staining is t