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A lot less rest! I guess that’s self employment though. There’s no one to fall back on except you and your own work ethic.

What is your attitude to tools and equipment? Are you a ‘hand tools only’ maker? Or a whatever it takes

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Australian Wood Review7 min gelesen
Finishing Small Objects Part 1
Handling a small, beautifully crafted wooden object can evoke a silent conversation between you and the maker. It can calm your busy mind, causing you to reflect on the process and material, and the inspiration for its creation. I’ve seen it many tim
Australian Wood Review1 min gelesen
Graspego Clamp Heads and Bench Stops
These clamp heads upgrade F-style clamps to a more sophisticated way of holding pretty well any shape. You can also use them on bar clamps. Designed in Israel and made in China, they come as two options. The heads suit all traditional style F-clamps
Australian Wood Review7 min gelesen
The Shavehorse Project, Part 1
The shaving horse aka shavehorse is a sit-down workbench for holding stock while it’s worked with a drawknife orspokeshave. This device has a long history of useful making and I believe deserves a place in the modern workshop alongside the workbench.