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The Business Side

THE BUSINESS OF BUSINESS is usually the business creative people avoid like the plague. Unfortunately, if you’d like to earn a living or part of it from your art, taking care of your business is as important as creating the jewelry itself. You just have to bite the bullet and get it done.

Just like there are tools to make making work easy, there are also tools and supplies for making business easy, too. Everybody who intends to sell

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Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist5 min gelesenFashion
Fit For A King
I LOVE NEW TOOLS, especially ones that are innovative and solve a problem. When I came across Jim Brandvik’s castellated bezel jigs, called Bez-jawZ and Top-jawZ, I knew I had to try them out! They are precision jigs that hold your thick bezel wire s
Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist3 min gelesenFashion
Always In
TURQUOISE IS ONE OF those gemstones that never goes out of fashion. It has been used as a costuming element for centuries, and when it’s combined with silver, the design possibilities are as infinite as they are striking. I’ve had this piece of Moren
Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist8 min gelesenFashion
Ready, Set, Move
THE DATE was 1999. The stone was labradorite. At most, I’d completed six or seven pices and had no idea what to do with this incredibly gorgeous stone. Lee Floyd suggested a shadowbox design, and Don Vercellotti suggested a bail to accentuate the pla