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WHEN YOU THINK OF prong settings, do you picture a Tiffany-style solitaire? As a rule, I do, so, as a rule, I don’t much care for prongs. But of course, there are many types of prong settings and many situations in which they can be used imaginatively and interestingly.

When you think of a gemstone such as aquamarine, do you picture a tame little faceted stone? I used to, too. And while I have always liked “aqua” for its clarity and subtle color, some years ago I picked up a jar of rough aquamarine crystals that made me think of this particular gem in a whole new way. A gentleman was hoping to sell the natural chunks to the instructor of a faceting class I was taking. When the instructor rejected them as too fractured to be good for cutting that way, I bought them.

I love these irregular, jagged stones with all their internal reflections and surprises. One of these on your ger begs you to dive into the watery depths, at least in

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