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The Snow Queen

MY FAVORITE STORY is Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Snow Queen.” I’d been wanting to create work to honor her for some time, but Disney beat me to it. I didn’t want to do something that looked like Frozen, no matter how delightful you think the movie is. Then, this past October, we had an early snowstorm and I happened to be outside when it arrived. Suddenly vicious 60 mile an hour winds roared in from nowhere, dropping the temperature 40 degrees in under an hour. The Snow Queen had blown in with a vengeance, whipping the glorious autumn leaves from the trees and leaving nothing but white snow and bare branches outside — and the idea for this design in my head.


Before texturing the metal for your back plate, cut a sheet to the approximate size you need but do not yet saw out the shape of the piece. If you cut the back plate into the final shape and then run it through the rolling mill, the shape will be distorted. Anneal the

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