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New Patterned Agate

“In 2017, Salmon, Idaho, resident Erik Martinez made a discovery of a new gem-quality dendritic chalcedony that rivals the best quality Montana agate,” reports Jim Landon. “Erik stumbled upon his find while out cutting firewood in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Christened Chriso De Nero by Martinez, the new chalcedony has the color, translucency, and black dendritic patterns often seen in Montana

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Improve Your Business
Halstead Bead will host The Jewelry Business Forum from January 18 through 22. The forum is a free online conference designed to help jewelry makers grow their businesses and adapt to the ever-changing jewelry world. Tracy Matthews, Robin Kramer, Bel
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SPRING HAS ALWAYS REPRESENTED the promise of new life and new beginnings. After the rocky year we’ve just experienced with a global pandemic, economic upheaval, civil unrest, and polarized politics, expectations for cheerier days ahead are more than
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Stone Catalog
Stuller, Inc. has released its latest catalog, Diamonds & Gemstones 2020-2021, which also includes grading reports, a diamond and gemstone sourcing map, a gemstone color wheel, and a color guide poster showing diamond and gemstone sizes and availabil