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Sensational Soldering

I OWN FIVE TORCHES — three different portables that use different fuels, the acetylene/oxygen Smith Little Torch, and my good old Smith acetylene/air from waaayyyyy back. Even though I have the three portables for teaching, it’s kind of funny that I have so many sources of fire: focusing on cold connections, I rarely solder! But recently, I’m making more work that wants to have bezels, needs to be in boxes, and requires not just annealing but several

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SPRING HAS ALWAYS REPRESENTED the promise of new life and new beginnings. After the rocky year we’ve just experienced with a global pandemic, economic upheaval, civil unrest, and polarized politics, expectations for cheerier days ahead are more than
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Halstead Bead will host The Jewelry Business Forum from January 18 through 22. The forum is a free online conference designed to help jewelry makers grow their businesses and adapt to the ever-changing jewelry world. Tracy Matthews, Robin Kramer, Bel