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Take the Long View

BECAUSE IT HAS A FOREGROUND and a background but no middle ground, I call a series of pendants I’m designing Take the Long View. The title also describes the process of creating a complex jewel such as this pierced overlay, anodized, gem-set pendant, which is a part of the series.

I enjoy detail and the pursuit of ever-elusive perfection, and could be accused of making this project as hard as possible, but I also like to teach in the “fussbudget way.” You get all the info for the piece in its full complexity, but you don’t have to take every step or include every detail. You can learn a lot just from following my approach to constructing the piece and from the techniques described. You can simplify as you like — or try my pared down version in “Simplify the Long View,” page 44.

Daunting? Perhaps. Time consuming? Certainly. Possible? Absolutely! It just takes what it takes, one step at a time.


I don’t think there is ever only one way or order of operations to make a thing, but after making several necklaces in this series, I’m pretty comfortable with this approach, starting with the gem. If you make a jewel that has a gem as its focal point, you will almost always start there. This focal “gem” is actually titanium, so the shape can be anything we choose. I am fond of this modified triangle, but

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