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Simplify the Long View

HOW MUCH can you simplify without losing the spirit that drew you to an idea in the first place? It depends. In “Take the Long View,” page 36, I showed you all the details I like to include in my pendant series of the same name. I love detail and as far as the effort that goes into it, my mantra is, “It takes what it takes.”

I also enjoy distilling a good design into a simpler and still beautiful form that can be made more easily, more quickly, and more affordably. Every step offers choices. Sometimes simpler just won’t support the spirit you are going for; at others, it works beautifully. This is

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Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist
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Leather Tips
• When looking for your leather you need to buy vegetable tanned leather. This is the only leather that really allows for tooling with strong impressions that last. When buying veg tanned leather, cattle is the standard and what we will be using for