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You Can Do It All

DO THE WORDS “PARKS and recreation arts and crafts” still make you think of bright plastic, (mis)braided lanyards and wonky yarn potholders? If so, it might be time to take a second look at what’s probably going on right under your nose.

For instance, I’ll bet using wadded up kale leaves brushed in wax and cast into an amazing sterling silver neckpiece probably didn’t even enter your mind. Replace macrame plant hangers and popsicle-stick placemats with hydraulic-pressed, folded metal bracelets, enviable metalsmithing, and highly advanced lampworked glass, and you’ll be getting warmer.

Such as Tucson

Programs like these are going on all over America, and Tucson’s is no exception — or maybe it is, because both the caliber of teaching and the studios and equipment are extraordinary. A wide variety of classes have been held continuously in Tucson’s venerable Randolf Park Arts & Crafts Building 4 since it was built 35 years ago. From a single instructor, the teaching staff has grown to over 50, not including visiting artists brought in for special workshops.

The first visiting instructor was Eleanor Moty, who arrived in Tucson from the University of Wisconsin. She came to teach electroforming — with the help of magnetic stirrers borrowed from the Pima College chemistry department, and the Park’s kitchen area, so students could vent

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