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Make a Maker Space

Yes, you can make jewelry at an affordable cost, but you can certainly spend a lot, too. Equipment such as a kiln, centrifugal caster, or torch and tanks isn’t just more costly, it typically can’t be used in an apartment or even a small home. As for big ticket items such as a laser welder, rolling mill, hydraulic press, CAD software and 3D printer, or milling machine, you may find these far out of your space or budget reach.

Does that mean you’re just out of luck? Not necessarily. If your vision or business needs to go there, you could access such tools by joining a shared studio/workshop or a maker space.

Maker spaces are places where people with similar interests come to share tools, equipment, support, and ideas. No two enterprises are alike. They differ in terms of the makers and their skill levels, the equipment available, rules, fees, funding, hours, and more. Many spaces are set up for a variety of crafts and skills. Having woodworking, metals, and electronics equipment around can spark new ideas for your jewelry making, while being surrounded by other jewelry makers in a single-craft space can offer lots of encouragement and helpful tips.

If getting together with a group of similarly minded folks to share and support each other sounds like exactly what you need, see if there’s a maker space nearby and check it out. It could be the perfect means of moving your

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