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Dr Ray Jansen 1968 – present

My first conversation with Dr Jansen was via WhatsApp text, having been introduced by Francois Meyer (who previously featured in my article on pangolin conservation). I was keen to meet him in person next time I visited South Africa, and as luck had it, our schedules tied up.

We met at a coffee shop, somewhere north of where my grandparents live

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Trail Blazing
It’s amazing how quickly things change in the shooting world, and nowhere can this be seen more than in the night-shooting environment. Twenty years ago most night shooters were still using lamps, and the thought of shooting without artificial light
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Over the past few decades, stalking and fox control have been two tremendous growth areas in fieldsports in the UK, and I am really excited that incorporating Sporting Riffle into Shooting Times will allow me to grow and improve the magazine I love.
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As most readers will be aware, this will be the last issue of Sporting Rifle in its present format, as it will be merging with Shooting Times and Country Magazine. It follows, therefore, that this is the final Almanac. My first article for the magazi