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Dr Ray Jansen 1968 – present

My first conversation with Dr Jansen was via WhatsApp text, having been introduced by Francois Meyer (who previously featured in my article on pangolin conservation). I was keen to meet him in person next time I visited South Africa, and as luck had it, our schedules tied up.

We met at a coffee shop, somewhere north of where my grandparents live

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Pre-season Control
I arrived at the farm early; it would be another hour and a half before dusk but I wanted to get set up on the bank in the middle of the bowl at the end of the valley, where I knew I’d have a good view of the surrounding banks and field edges. It was
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Scope For Improvement
The K 525i combines maximum optical performance and precision with unique handling and ergonomics. The new DLR (Dynamic Long Range) model is optimised for the high requirements of long range shooting, while additionally being equipped with an extra w
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