Worth the Wait

I recently began a Quarter Type Set collection. I just purchased an 1834 Capped Bust on eBay that would grade around VG8 or 10. I could see in the photos that it was an O over F variety even though it was not described as such in the listing. While these are

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Help Your Heirs to Dispose of Your Collection
Have you made plans for what will happen to your collection when you’re no longer using it? Notice I didn’t say when you’re deceased, although that’s what I’m talking about. We live most of our lives as though we’re immortal, unless we receive an unp
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Numismatic Expert Kevin Vinton To Join The Stack’s Bowers Galleries Team
Costa Mesa, CA – Stack’s Bowers Galleries (“SBG”) is pleased to announce that Kevin Vinton, respected expert, dealer and auctioneer in United States colonial coinage and early federal copper will be joining the firm. Beginning in January 2021, Vinton
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1878 Morgan $1 Varieties All Worth Owning
THE 1878 Morgan dollar is extremely historic, but it can get confusing because there are a number of different 1878 Morgan dollars. All are worth knowing – and probably owning. The Morgan dollar had been created by the Bland-Allison Act. Many people