Creative Sugar Craft

Bride and Groom Cake Pops


• Baked cake of your choice (packet mix or homemade)
• Dark and white chocolate melts
• Copha if required
• Pearl cachous, heart decorations and white sprinkles for decorating


• Lollipop• Deep microwaveable bowl• Spoon• Small cellophane bags• Decorative ribbon

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Creative Sugar Craft4 min gelesen
Helen Dissell
Born and bred in South Africa, Helen did not come from a family of bakers, but of medical professionals and accountants. However, when she was growing up, Helen’s late mother Jean would revel in creating home baked delights for all the family to enjo
Creative Sugar Craft2 min gelesen
Readers’ Gallery
Simone Betts Hi, I am a self taught cake hobbyist! I made these two cakes recently for two separate men who were turning 40. The first one, the Massey Ferguson, was made to scale. His wife chose it for him as he is very partial to his Tractor and h
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Bejewelled Flowers
• Gum paste • Sugar glue • Cachous • Four petal cutter • Five petal cutter • Small circle cutter • Ball tool • Thin foam • Large foam cup Roll out gum paste to less than a 1.5mm (1/16 inch) thick Using a four or five petal cutter of your choice, cu