Your Pregnancy

Tips to manage a stalled labour

Make sure you are in active labour before you move to a hospital or birth centre. Moving to the hospital too soon can make even an average-length labour seem long and

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Having to talk to children about child abuse is very much like taking their favourite toy and slashing it to pieces in front of them. We want children to believe that the world is filled with beauty, love, awe and wonder. That evil coexists with good
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Q My roots are showing, but I’ve heard that you shouldn’t colour your hair during pregnancy. Is that true? I think I’d rather play it safe and avoid all colour, but what can Ido to make my hair look better? A RENEÉ ANSWERS: Many moms-to-be stop co
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Finger Food Is Fun
Once your baby is able to chew and shows an interest in bringing things to her mouth, it’s time for the next big step: finger foods. Your baby doesn’t even need to have teeth for this. ■ START WITH SOFT FOODS that melt in the mouth, like cubes of wat